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Engagement starts with involvement

Involvio helps your college or university drive student engagement from orientation to graduation using the power of mobile.

Way more than just an "app"

  1. ­Admin Tools

    • Powerful and easy to use workflows
    • Integration with your existing systems
    • ­Driven by our suite of in-depth analytics
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  2. ­Student-Centric Mobile Apps

    • Orientation App welcomes students to campus
    • School Year App keeps students engaged all year long
    • Comprehensive calendaring and communication tools
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Reach your students from orientation to graduation

Involvio meets your students when they arrive on campus for orientation and grows with them all the way through graduation. Using FOMO Fighter™, it automatically makes personalized recommendations by analyzing their changing interests.

  • Orientation

    During the craziness of orientation, Involvio quickly connects your students to campus and to each other.

  • College Career

    The platform encourages continued involvement by putting every single event at your students' fingertips.

  • Graduation

    Involvio adapts to changing interests all the way through graduation and even allows you to engage alumni.

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