• Guides & Tracks
    Guides & Tracks

    Orientation is the gateway to campus, and also to Involvio. Students choose their orientation sessions, their track, and in under 30 seconds, their smartphone becomes a tool that helps them navigate their new environment.

  • Agenda & Directions
    Agenda & Directions

    Involvio knows the ins and outs of your students’ orientation schedules then seamlessly offers directions from event to event. It even reminds them where they need to be and when.

  • Communication & Resources
    Communication & Resources

    Last minute change? Important message that needs immediate attention? Content that students need to access 24/7? Involvio handles it all in exactly the way your students expect.

The complete orientation suite

Bring order and efficiency to the craziness of orientation while delivering the mobile experience students expect.

  • Engagement Tools

    Get a robust orientation command center

  • Reduce your printing costs

    Eliminate those paper booklets and go mobile

  • Update schedules

    Automatically publish last minute changes it in real-time

  • Get feedback

    Leverage built-in attendance tracking and surveys

  • Customize the experience

    Make the app match your program and brand

  • Deliver resources

    Put everything students need to access in one place

  • Show them around campus

    Put an interactive map in your students’ hands.

  • Build with colleageus

    Share permission-based access with your entire team

Explore School Year App

Invovio lets you build on the work you do during orientation by passing the baton to your colleagues throughout the year.

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